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Residents of Union, Anson, Stanly and Mecklenburg County areas of North Carolina who need an attorney should consider contacting Attorney John Painter. As an experience attorney, he has been practicing in the area since 1981. When you need legal help with:

  • DUI & DWI – Under North Carolina law, if you are convicted for drunk driving you will spend a minimum of one night in prison. At the discretion of the courts, you may have to perform community service if you are ordered to serve less than 60 days in prison. However, in nearly all cases, a first time conviction could mean you will lose your right to drive for a minimum of 30 days. The penalties for subsequent charges are far more stringent and for those who are operating commercial vehicles, there is an automatic 10 day suspension of your right to drive any commercial vehicle.
  • Criminal Defense – North Carolina drug possession laws are extremely harsh. While other states have made moves to legalize small amounts of marijuana, our laws state that possession of amounts over one-and-a-half ounces can mean felony charges. These charges will have a lasting impact on your life since a felony conviction could mean you will lose your right to carry a firearm.
  • Personal Injury – People who are injured because of a defective product, hit while driving by a drunk driver or slip and fall on a broken stairway may have a personal injury claim. Current laws allow victims only three years after the incident to file a claim.
  • Family – Divorce, child support. Protection orders and property division are nearly always challenging issues that impact your entire family. If you are currently going through a divorce, you need attorney who will review your entire case and make sure you understand what options are available to you under the law.
  • Speeding & Traffic Tickets – When you are stopped for speeding, you could be accumulating as many as three points against your driving record. North Carolina drivers who accumulate eight points can lose their rights to drive for up to 60 days. The lookback period on all convictions for speeding and other traffic tickets is five years meaning that three tickets in five years could mean a loss of your license.

Whether you are facing DUI or other criminal charges, going through a divorce or facing a speeding ticket, contact Attorney John H. Painter at 704-282-1167.  We can also help those who believe they have been injured because of a third person’s negligence.

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