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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter that can affect your life in many ways. If convicted, you may be facing incarceration, costly fines, loss of employment and a permanent criminal record. There’s certainly a lot at stake. For over three decades, attorney John Painter has provided successful representation for clients charged of a criminal offense. For both misdemeanors and felonies, his successes include dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, parole instead of prison time and reduced sentencing.



No DUI or DWI is a one-time offense. Since DUI and DWI are compounding offenses, having one on your record increases your potential for more serious fines and penalties, including jail time. When you have been arrested for DUI, that doesn't necessarily mean you will be convicted. Immediate intervention by counsel can get you out from under a DUI/DWI charge, prevent your license from being suspended, and keep your record clean.


Traffic and Speeding Tickets

Tickets for speeding and other traffic violations may seem minor, and, in comparison to other criminal offenses a person might commit, traffic violations are some of the most harmless legal infractions a person can commit. Since speeding and traffic tickets come with relatively minimal fines, a lot of people simply pay them and never even think about challenging the issue in court. The problem with letting a speeding or traffic charge go uncontested is that these tickets don't just affect immediate finances. They can have a long-term impact on your legal and financial situation, which makes fighting the charges against you worthwhile.


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