Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter that can affect your life in many ways. If convicted, you may be facing incarceration, costly fines, loss of employment and a permanent criminal record. There’s certainly a lot at stake. For over three decades, attorney John Painter has provided successful representation for clients charged of a criminal offense. For both misdemeanors and felonies, his successes include dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, parole instead of prison time and reduced sentencing.

The Criminal Justice Process: Attorney John Painter

The criminal justice process is a complex system of laws and procedures. Attorney John Painter can help you navigate the system and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process. Plus, he renders good advice. For example, if you’re just a suspect of a crime, it’s likely that law enforcement will want to interview and question you. Attorney John Painter advises his clients never to speak with police without an attorney present. You just might unknowingly say something that can be used against you in court. And if the prosecutor has solid evidence against you, it just might be smart to take a plea bargain. Attorney John Painter lets his clients know both the pros and cons of taking a plea.

The Defense Legal Strategy: The Law Office of John Painter

Attorney John Painter is skillful at developing a strong defense strategy on behalf of his clients. He will listen to your side of the story, speak to law enforcement, photo the crime scene, take witness statements, evaluate ballistic reports and review DNA evidence. When needed, he will provide an expert witness to strengthen your defense. If the case does go to trial, he’ll have witnesses and exhibits ready. Plus, he’s an aggressive cross examiner of the prosecution’s witnesses. He also has the strong oral skills when presenting the opening and closing statement to the judge and jury.

Even with the best defense, juries are unpredictable. If for any reason the outcome is less than favorable, he will immediately file an appeal. Attorney John Painter is experienced in the appellate process and does in-depth case research to prevent an impressive oral argument before the appellate judge.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, turn to attorney John Painter for help. Let his years of experience work for you.

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